Seafood With Many Good Nutrients

Seafood benefits are very much, in addition to being used for health, also for beauty. Many studies have suggested that seafood has very important nutrients such as omega-3, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B6, protein, fatty acids, and minerals. Even though it contains very important nutrients, there are many people who are reluctant to eat seafood. This is because they think that seafood can cause health problems, but in fact, seafood can provide good benefits to the body both for health and beauty.
Seafood Benefits For Health
To convince you to eat seafood, here are some benefits of seafood for health and beauty.
1. Protein
Seafood is well known contains high levels protein nutrients. Seafood such as salmon, mackerel has high levels of omega-3 fat acids. With omega-3 which is seafood benefit for health, it can help you have a healthy heart. If you want to keep your heart always healthy and to prevent heart disease, it’s recommended for you to consume seafood. This seafood benefit for health is very important. So if you consume seafood more, then you can obtain this seafood benefit for health.
2. Low Fat
The second benefit of consumption of seafood is low fat. If you think that seafood contains a lot of fat, that must be wrong. Because in fact, it is actually low in fat. So you don’t have to worry about weight gain if you eat seafood with this seafood benefit for health. With this seafood benefit for health, you must not afraid again when consuming seafood.
3. Minerals and Vitamins
Another benefit of seafood is minerals and vitamins nutrients. As mentioned above about first seafood benefit for health, Seafood does not only contain protein but also very many vitamins and minerals. Especially when you processing or cooking seafood that is not fried but it is burned, then it contains minerals and vitamins will be more. If you are prevent cooking seafood in the fried state, then the nutritional value of its seafood will be higher. This seafood is also believed to be a better nutritional food than with meat or eggs. No wonder so many people consume this seafood because of this seafood benefit for health.
4. Vision becomes better
If you consume seafood, it will also improve your eyesight. Seafood, especially fish with low cholesterol and calories even rich in omega-3. By eating fish two to three times a week it will make your vision better. This seafood benefit for health is very useful for people with bad eyesight. To improve your eyesight, not only with resting your eyes. With consume seafood daily, your eyesight can become healthier.
5. Teeth Become Healthier
Not only your eyesight which becomes healthier. Another seafood benefit for health is keeping your teeth healthier. Seafood is rich in calcium which is why this included as one of seafood benefit for health. With that high levels of calcium, so it has good effects on teeth. With this seafood benefit for health, not only has good effects for your teeth. Your bones will be healthier as well. So it’s no wonder that those who like to eat seafood have healthier teeth.
Seafood Benefits For Beauty
1. Improve Skin Beauty And Prevent Aging
First seafood benefit for beauty is to make you look younger. To be specified, your skin will look younger and also reduce the signs of premature aging. For this seafood benefit for health, of course, makes many women interested. So no wonder not only men consume seafood routinely. Many women consume seafood also. Seafood is the best food to prevent premature aging such as wrinkle lines on the face, dull skin, black spots, and dry skin. The content of vitamin E and omega-3 in Seafood makes the skin smoother and radiant. Especially if accompanied by vegetables and fruits, the results will be even better.
2. Shiny Hair
Nutrition in seafood is needed by the hair so it can keep the hair from becoming dull and make it glow.
3. Free from Acne
Seafood is able to maintain a healthier skin pH and control excessive oil production. In addition, it is able to control the production of sebum or oil under the skin layer. As we know, excessive Sebum can clog or plug pores and if there are bacteria on your face, acne can occur. Well, if you want to avoid acne you should consume Seafood.