Mud Crabs, One Of Popular Seafood Dishes

The crab itself is a hard-shelled animal which has a function as a defense system from attack. Crab also has a pair of claws on the front leg, to attack or catch prey. Crab includes members of the Crustacean which has five pairs of legs. Crab has a stomach/ abdominal that is hidden under the thorax (chest). This crab animal is very easy to find, especially in areas that have a tropical climate, such as in Indonesia. For you who want to buy mud or mangrove crabs, you can buy them on Frozen Mud Crab supplier. You can get fresh and high quality mud crabs from that supplier. Beside mud crab which is life in the brackish water or mangrove area, there are other types of crab. There’s the type of crab which is life in the sea water and some live in fresh water. Crabs that live in this seawater have a body shape that tends to be larger. While those crabs that live in fresh water are less than those that live in sea water.

Some Good Nutrients Of Mud Crab

Behind the uniqueness of this animal, it also has many benefits to maintain a healthy body. For every 100 grams of crab, such mud crab from Frozen Mud Crab supplier has a large number of nutrients including:

  • Calcium 210 grams
  • Fosfor 250 grams
  • Energy 151 kcal
  • Carbohydrate 14,1 grams
  • Iron 1 mili
  • Protein 13,8 grams
  • Fat 3,8 grams
  • VitaminC 0,1 mili grams
  • Vitamin A 200IU
  • Vitamin B1 0,05mili grams

Eating crabs turn out to have an important role in body health. In addition to containing several nutrients as mentioned above, there are also other good nutrients. Those nutrients are needed to maintain a healthy body. These nutrients include minerals, copper, selenium, vitamin B12, zinc, Omega 3, and other good nutrients. Some of these nutrients have the benefits that the body needs.

Benefits Of Mud Crab And Its Effects On Body Health

Crab such Mud Crab from Frozen Mud Crab supplier not only has a delicious taste, mud crab also has some benefit for body health. Here is some health benefit when you consume crab/ mud crab as your food.

  1. Maintain eye health

In addition to carrots, the abundant amount of Vitamin A found in crabs. So this crab such mud crab plays a role in maintaining eye health. Vitamin A deficiency can cause eye problems, so you must maintain consumption of food which requires a lot of sources of Vitamin A.

  1. Caring for hair and skin

Hair and skin also require treatment from the body by consuming nutritious foods. One of the nutritious foods which are good for caring skin and hair is a crab. Zinc and also Vitamin B12 content in crabs such mud crab is needed to maintain a healthy body. Zinc itself is needed to maintain and prevent hair loss. While Vitamin B12 content has a role in maintaining the fertility of skin cells from wrinkles. So, by consuming crabs such mud crab regularly, it is possible to have the opportunity to delay premature aging.

  1. Helps to improve brain function

Maintaining brain intelligence is the main thing that must be considered. Consuming crab not only good for adult, crab also good when eaten by a child. Besides consuming milk, the content of omega 3 in crabs is known to be able to educate the brain in its infancy. It is better to treat crab dishes to children who are not allergic to crab. Although there are many people who are not allergic when eating crab, there are also not few people who easily allergic to crab.

  1. Prevent anemia

With the help of Vitamin B12, Copper and Zinc which are found in crabs, anemia can be prevented. These substances have the role of being able to produce effective red blood cells. In addition to preventing, it can also be used for the healing process of anemia. So it is very suitable for consumption in people with anemia.

  1. Prevent osteoporosis

Eating crabs can prevent the bone problem, because it is rich in protein and also copper. Besides calcium, copper nutrients are needed by the body to help in the formation of nerve cells in the bone.

  1. Improve immunity

The nutritional content of crabs has a role to enhance the immune system. With the increase in the immune system, the factors causing the occurrence of diseases can be prevented. The most dangerous thing to health is to allow the entry of carcinogens into the body. This carcinogen is a substance that can cause cancer. So by consuming crabs from Frozen Mud Crab supplier regularly can help neutralize carcinogens that enter the body. So that the immune system is maintained

Negative Effects of Consuming Crab

In addition to providing good benefits for the health of the body, consuming crabs also has a negative effect on health. It’s just that if it consumes excessively, anything that is excessive does have an adverse impact. Cholesterol content in crabs is indeed high if you consume crabs irregularly or excessively can cause hypertension, diabetes or stroke.