Facts You Must Know About Mud Crab

This article will discuss about mud crab or in a scientific language called Scylla sp. This crab lives in brackish waters, especially in mangrove areas. Mangrove or mud crabs have the following morphological characteristics: these crabs have a wider carapace than their body length and slippery surface. Male mud crabs have a pair of claws that are longer than the female mud crabs that are near twice the length of their carapace. Here some other facts about mud crab you must know.

Knowing Some Facts About Mud Crab

  1. Types of Carnivorous Animals

Mud crabs are carnivorous (meat-eating) animals. Some larvae which are types of food favored by mud crabs were plankton such as Diatoms, Tetraselmis, Chlorella, Rotifer (Barachionus sp.), Echinodermata larvae, various larvae of Molluscs, worms, and others.

  1. Male and female differences are easy too spot

To distinguish male crabs from female crabs can be done by observing the abdomen segments. Male crabs are narrow, while in female crabs the abdomen is larger. The male crab’s belly is tapered third, while the female triangle is widened. Another difference is pleopod which is located under the abdomen, where pleopod male crabs function as a means of copulation while pleopod female crabs serve as a place for egg attachment.

  1. Cannibals

Mud crabs are voracious and cannibal organisms. It is because they often eat others, especially those who change their skin (molting). With this condition, so this has become one of the main obstacles to their cultivation.

  1. Do “Ruaya” to the Sea

Ruaya is moving from one place to another place for migration or breeding purpose. Mud crabs in their lives will lead to the sea to spawn and after that, the mother and children will return to coastal waters, river estuaries or mangrove forested water as a place to take refuge. This event occurs in certain periods of the month, especially at the beginning of the year. Ruaya travel distance is not more than one kilometer to the sea away from the beach, but sometimes it is also found mud crabs that spawn on traditional milkfish ponds.

  1. Nocturnal

The eating habit of mud crabs is more active looking for food at night in an eating position at the bottom of the pond/cage where it is cultivated.

Facts About Mud Crab In Trading

  1. Having Several Terms in Trading
  • Full: The term for female crabs to lay their eggs
  • Cam: The term for female crabs laying in half
  • Super I: The term for fat male crabs
  • Super II: The term for transvestite crabs
  • LB/ BK: The term for emptied crabs
  • KRO: The term for small crabs
  1. Selling in Local and Foreign Markets

Because of the delicacy and aroma that is very inviting and with the composition of nutritional value above, this commodity is also very popular with foreign consumers and is one of the most prestigious foods in the upper class.

  1. The mainstay of Indonesia’s Non-Oil and Gas Exports

The ever-increasing demand for mud crabs has made this commodity as one of the mainstays of non-oil and gas exports. Based on fisheries statistical data, Indonesian crab exports show an increase in value.

  1. Has a High Nutritional Value

Mud crabs are composed of 18 essential amino acids which are very important for the health of the human body. The edible parts of mud crabs contain protein and fat, even in crab eggs, the protein content is very high at 88.55%.

  1. Alternatives for Fish Farmers

In the province of Central Java, cultivation and fattening are carried out using a silvofishery system that combines the cultivation of fishery commodities in the form of milkfish and crabs by planting mangrove plants. This has become an alternative for fish farmers for failure in tiger shrimp cultivation. This is because mud crabs tend to be easy to maintain, more resistant to conditions of environmental change, and can be done with simple technology and can be mastered easily by even novice farmers.

Hope you can easily understand some facts about mud crab or mangrove crab. Mud crab usually made to seafood dishes. The taste of mud crab as delicious as common crab. You can get mud crab in many seafood markets. Not only delicious, with the high-level good nutrients in this mud crab, you can be healthier.