Mud Crabs, One Of Popular Seafood Dishes

The crab itself is a hard-shelled animal which has a function as a defense system from attack. Crab also has a pair of claws on the front leg, to attack or catch prey. Crab includes members of the Crustacean which has five pairs of legs. Crab has a stomach/ abdominal that is hidden under the thorax (chest). This crab animal is very easy to find, especially in areas that have a tropical climate, such as in Indonesia. For you who want to buy mud or mangrove crabs, you can buy them on Frozen Mud Crab supplier. You can get fresh and high quality mud crabs from that supplier. Beside mud crab which is life in the brackish water or mangrove area, there are other types of crab. There’s the type of crab which is life in the sea water and some live in fresh water. Crabs that live in this seawater have a body shape that tends to be larger. While those crabs that live in fresh water are less than those that live in sea water.

Some Good Nutrients Of Mud Crab

Behind the uniqueness of this animal, it also has many benefits to maintain a healthy body. For every 100 grams of crab, such mud crab from Frozen Mud Crab supplier has a large number of nutrients including:

  • Calcium 210 grams
  • Fosfor 250 grams
  • Energy 151 kcal
  • Carbohydrate 14,1 grams
  • Iron 1 mili
  • Protein 13,8 grams
  • Fat 3,8 grams
  • VitaminC 0,1 mili grams
  • Vitamin A 200IU
  • Vitamin B1 0,05mili grams

Eating crabs turn out to have an important role in body health. In addition to containing several nutrients as mentioned above, there are also other good nutrients. Those nutrients are needed to maintain a healthy body. These nutrients include minerals, copper, selenium, vitamin B12, zinc, Omega 3, and other good nutrients. Some of these nutrients have the benefits that the body needs.

Benefits Of Mud Crab And Its Effects On Body Health

Crab such Mud Crab from Frozen Mud Crab supplier not only has a delicious taste, mud crab also has some benefit for body health. Here is some health benefit when you consume crab/ mud crab as your food.

  1. Maintain eye health

In addition to carrots, the abundant amount of Vitamin A found in crabs. So this crab such mud crab plays a role in maintaining eye health. Vitamin A deficiency can cause eye problems, so you must maintain consumption of food which requires a lot of sources of Vitamin A.

  1. Caring for hair and skin

Hair and skin also require treatment from the body by consuming nutritious foods. One of the nutritious foods which are good for caring skin and hair is a crab. Zinc and also Vitamin B12 content in crabs such mud crab is needed to maintain a healthy body. Zinc itself is needed to maintain and prevent hair loss. While Vitamin B12 content has a role in maintaining the fertility of skin cells from wrinkles. So, by consuming crabs such mud crab regularly, it is possible to have the opportunity to delay premature aging.

  1. Helps to improve brain function

Maintaining brain intelligence is the main thing that must be considered. Consuming crab not only good for adult, crab also good when eaten by a child. Besides consuming milk, the content of omega 3 in crabs is known to be able to educate the brain in its infancy. It is better to treat crab dishes to children who are not allergic to crab. Although there are many people who are not allergic when eating crab, there are also not few people who easily allergic to crab.

  1. Prevent anemia

With the help of Vitamin B12, Copper and Zinc which are found in crabs, anemia can be prevented. These substances have the role of being able to produce effective red blood cells. In addition to preventing, it can also be used for the healing process of anemia. So it is very suitable for consumption in people with anemia.

  1. Prevent osteoporosis

Eating crabs can prevent the bone problem, because it is rich in protein and also copper. Besides calcium, copper nutrients are needed by the body to help in the formation of nerve cells in the bone.

  1. Improve immunity

The nutritional content of crabs has a role to enhance the immune system. With the increase in the immune system, the factors causing the occurrence of diseases can be prevented. The most dangerous thing to health is to allow the entry of carcinogens into the body. This carcinogen is a substance that can cause cancer. So by consuming crabs from Frozen Mud Crab supplier regularly can help neutralize carcinogens that enter the body. So that the immune system is maintained

Negative Effects of Consuming Crab

In addition to providing good benefits for the health of the body, consuming crabs also has a negative effect on health. It’s just that if it consumes excessively, anything that is excessive does have an adverse impact. Cholesterol content in crabs is indeed high if you consume crabs irregularly or excessively can cause hypertension, diabetes or stroke.

Tips For Profitable Mud Crab Farming

Nowadays, there are various businesses that you can live to earn income than before. Businesses that are usually popular among the community are about livestock, for some reason. Clearly, this business has already lived a lot and proved many of them are successful with business livestock. One of the businesses that interesting is the cultivation or farming of mud crabs. This livestock business is likely to still rarely run it so the prospect is still good. That is considering the need for crabs which are always increasing in the market. For that reason, this business can still be taken into business with a good prospect.

Knowing More About Mud Crab

Mud crabs have common legs and swimming legs. When they are in the sea waters to crave these crabs use their swimming legs to go to the sea. Common legs are used when they are at the bottom of muddy brackish waters. The difference between male and female mud crabs can be seen easily. Male mud crab has the lower abdominal shape of the body which is a pointed triangular. While female mud crab has widened triangular. Mud crabs consist of several known species, Scylla serrata, Scylla oceanica and Scylla tranquebaria. Of the three species that are widely cultivated in Indonesia, which is Scylla serrata type. This species has a faster growth rate than other types of mud crabs. Also, the level of resistance is higher and especially the price is higher than other species.

Mud crabs often live in mangrove areas to self-protect, find food and grow. Mud crabs will do mating in the brackish waters (mangrove area). While the female mud crabs will do spawning in the ocean. After the eggs hatch, the initial phase of the mud crab is called Zoea. That phase will live by following the flow towards the coastal waters. After that, it grows into Megalopa which will live in the estuary (brackish) waters until the mangrove area. After that, it will grow into young crabs that get nutrients in mangrove waters. With those nutrients, so it can grow into adult crabs.

How To Cultivate Or Farming Mud Crab

In this mud crab cultivation or farming business, it takes several steps and equipment to be prepared. The first thing that must be prepared is a container that will be used to breed crab cattle later. The container can use bamboo or plastic boxes. After the container that will be used for breeding already exists then start the next stage, which is the cultivation or farming technique phase. In this stage, you must pay close attention to the enlargement of the seeds that are carried out. That is so important because the main purpose of this seed is to get the weight that is ready to eat. That weight is about 200 grams.

The cultivation or farming process can use traditional techniques so that later can be extensive, this technique is to prepare ponds such as shrimp or milkfish cultivation. Size or area of the pond that can be used is 100 m² to 0.5 Ha with seedlings of about 2 m². You can make a cage around the embankment of the pond for this cultivation or farming. That thing must be done so those cultivated do not come out easily of the pond.

The next thing to do is feeding tips, this is very important because it relates to the growing. Feed that can be given can be bulk fish, you can use this fish as a feed for crabs that are cultivated. There’s a reason to that because in addition to making a good crab also the price is absolutely cheap. Besides that, you can also give it feed to other breed cultivation such eels. In this endeavor, you must be patient and diligent in cultivation or farming. Life-size of the crab is also affected by the seed stocking density.

There is a possibility that the crab will prey on its own friends. You must know first the mud crab has cannibal characteristic. Because of that condition, so you must pay attention at all times. Almost all of mud crab breeders are troubled because of that characteristic condition. That just little information about the cultivation or farming of mud crabs. To make your mud crab farming process success, you must always diligent to check the breed. Hopefully, this information can be useful for all of you.

Facts You Must Know About Mud Crab

This article will discuss about mud crab or in a scientific language called Scylla sp. This crab lives in brackish waters, especially in mangrove areas. Mangrove or mud crabs have the following morphological characteristics: these crabs have a wider carapace than their body length and slippery surface. Male mud crabs have a pair of claws that are longer than the female mud crabs that are near twice the length of their carapace. Here some other facts about mud crab you must know.

Knowing Some Facts About Mud Crab

  1. Types of Carnivorous Animals

Mud crabs are carnivorous (meat-eating) animals. Some larvae which are types of food favored by mud crabs were plankton such as Diatoms, Tetraselmis, Chlorella, Rotifer (Barachionus sp.), Echinodermata larvae, various larvae of Molluscs, worms, and others.

  1. Male and female differences are easy too spot

To distinguish male crabs from female crabs can be done by observing the abdomen segments. Male crabs are narrow, while in female crabs the abdomen is larger. The male crab’s belly is tapered third, while the female triangle is widened. Another difference is pleopod which is located under the abdomen, where pleopod male crabs function as a means of copulation while pleopod female crabs serve as a place for egg attachment.

  1. Cannibals

Mud crabs are voracious and cannibal organisms. It is because they often eat others, especially those who change their skin (molting). With this condition, so this has become one of the main obstacles to their cultivation.

  1. Do “Ruaya” to the Sea

Ruaya is moving from one place to another place for migration or breeding purpose. Mud crabs in their lives will lead to the sea to spawn and after that, the mother and children will return to coastal waters, river estuaries or mangrove forested water as a place to take refuge. This event occurs in certain periods of the month, especially at the beginning of the year. Ruaya travel distance is not more than one kilometer to the sea away from the beach, but sometimes it is also found mud crabs that spawn on traditional milkfish ponds.

  1. Nocturnal

The eating habit of mud crabs is more active looking for food at night in an eating position at the bottom of the pond/cage where it is cultivated.

Facts About Mud Crab In Trading

  1. Having Several Terms in Trading
  • Full: The term for female crabs to lay their eggs
  • Cam: The term for female crabs laying in half
  • Super I: The term for fat male crabs
  • Super II: The term for transvestite crabs
  • LB/ BK: The term for emptied crabs
  • KRO: The term for small crabs
  1. Selling in Local and Foreign Markets

Because of the delicacy and aroma that is very inviting and with the composition of nutritional value above, this commodity is also very popular with foreign consumers and is one of the most prestigious foods in the upper class.

  1. The mainstay of Indonesia’s Non-Oil and Gas Exports

The ever-increasing demand for mud crabs has made this commodity as one of the mainstays of non-oil and gas exports. Based on fisheries statistical data, Indonesian crab exports show an increase in value.

  1. Has a High Nutritional Value

Mud crabs are composed of 18 essential amino acids which are very important for the health of the human body. The edible parts of mud crabs contain protein and fat, even in crab eggs, the protein content is very high at 88.55%.

  1. Alternatives for Fish Farmers

In the province of Central Java, cultivation and fattening are carried out using a silvofishery system that combines the cultivation of fishery commodities in the form of milkfish and crabs by planting mangrove plants. This has become an alternative for fish farmers for failure in tiger shrimp cultivation. This is because mud crabs tend to be easy to maintain, more resistant to conditions of environmental change, and can be done with simple technology and can be mastered easily by even novice farmers.

Hope you can easily understand some facts about mud crab or mangrove crab. Mud crab usually made to seafood dishes. The taste of mud crab as delicious as common crab. You can get mud crab in many seafood markets. Not only delicious, with the high-level good nutrients in this mud crab, you can be healthier.

Seafood With Many Good Nutrients

Seafood benefits are very much, in addition to being used for health, also for beauty. Many studies have suggested that seafood has very important nutrients such as omega-3, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B6, protein, fatty acids, and minerals. Even though it contains very important nutrients, there are many people who are reluctant to eat seafood. This is because they think that seafood can cause health problems, but in fact, seafood can provide good benefits to the body both for health and beauty.
Seafood Benefits For Health
To convince you to eat seafood, here are some benefits of seafood for health and beauty.
1. Protein
Seafood is well known contains high levels protein nutrients. Seafood such as salmon, mackerel has high levels of omega-3 fat acids. With omega-3 which is seafood benefit for health, it can help you have a healthy heart. If you want to keep your heart always healthy and to prevent heart disease, it’s recommended for you to consume seafood. This seafood benefit for health is very important. So if you consume seafood more, then you can obtain this seafood benefit for health.
2. Low Fat
The second benefit of consumption of seafood is low fat. If you think that seafood contains a lot of fat, that must be wrong. Because in fact, it is actually low in fat. So you don’t have to worry about weight gain if you eat seafood with this seafood benefit for health. With this seafood benefit for health, you must not afraid again when consuming seafood.
3. Minerals and Vitamins
Another benefit of seafood is minerals and vitamins nutrients. As mentioned above about first seafood benefit for health, Seafood does not only contain protein but also very many vitamins and minerals. Especially when you processing or cooking seafood that is not fried but it is burned, then it contains minerals and vitamins will be more. If you are prevent cooking seafood in the fried state, then the nutritional value of its seafood will be higher. This seafood is also believed to be a better nutritional food than with meat or eggs. No wonder so many people consume this seafood because of this seafood benefit for health.
4. Vision becomes better
If you consume seafood, it will also improve your eyesight. Seafood, especially fish with low cholesterol and calories even rich in omega-3. By eating fish two to three times a week it will make your vision better. This seafood benefit for health is very useful for people with bad eyesight. To improve your eyesight, not only with resting your eyes. With consume seafood daily, your eyesight can become healthier.
5. Teeth Become Healthier
Not only your eyesight which becomes healthier. Another seafood benefit for health is keeping your teeth healthier. Seafood is rich in calcium which is why this included as one of seafood benefit for health. With that high levels of calcium, so it has good effects on teeth. With this seafood benefit for health, not only has good effects for your teeth. Your bones will be healthier as well. So it’s no wonder that those who like to eat seafood have healthier teeth.
Seafood Benefits For Beauty
1. Improve Skin Beauty And Prevent Aging
First seafood benefit for beauty is to make you look younger. To be specified, your skin will look younger and also reduce the signs of premature aging. For this seafood benefit for health, of course, makes many women interested. So no wonder not only men consume seafood routinely. Many women consume seafood also. Seafood is the best food to prevent premature aging such as wrinkle lines on the face, dull skin, black spots, and dry skin. The content of vitamin E and omega-3 in Seafood makes the skin smoother and radiant. Especially if accompanied by vegetables and fruits, the results will be even better.
2. Shiny Hair
Nutrition in seafood is needed by the hair so it can keep the hair from becoming dull and make it glow.
3. Free from Acne
Seafood is able to maintain a healthier skin pH and control excessive oil production. In addition, it is able to control the production of sebum or oil under the skin layer. As we know, excessive Sebum can clog or plug pores and if there are bacteria on your face, acne can occur. Well, if you want to avoid acne you should consume Seafood.